Month: June 2021


Pest Control Season In Charlotte?

Get Rid of Raccoons and Other Rodents During the Pest Control Season

If you are looking for the perfect time to get rid of pests from your property, you should consider doing it during the Pest Control CTRL Charlotte NC Spring Festival. The festival is held in March and April and it is designed to educate people on how to prevent and get rid of rats, ants, and other pests that can be destructive to homes. There are a lot of flyers that can be handed out at various businesses and residential homes throughout Charlotte. You can also look on the Internet for some of the literature that you will receive once you visit the Pest Management Charlotte NC booth. This is a great opportunity to talk with other pest control professionals about what your options are when it comes to getting rid of rats, ants, and other rodents that can be destructive to properties.


There are two methods that pest management experts utilize in their fight against rodents and pests. One method is called exclusion where they carefully design an area on your property that is off limits to all rodents and pests. The second method is known as bait exclusion. This method involves placing rodent bait in strategic areas where they can’t access a food source like a trash bin or beneath carpets. This way, they won’t be able to access your home as easily and can’t get excited to find food to feast upon once inside. Both of these methods can be used successfully during the spring season, so call a professional if you have any doubts about how you can take care of your pest problem this season.


Whether you are experiencing problems with mice, ants, or some other type of pest, contact one of the best pest control companies in Charlotte NC to take care of your pest problem. These professionals are trained to help you solve your pest problem quickly and safely. They can make sure that your property and your family’s safety are protected, so you can enjoy your spring break or summer vacation without the fear of mice, ants, or other rodents ruining your fun.

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