Month: July 2021


Spangler Content Resoration Software

Spangler Content Resoration Software

The Spangler get your contents safe Resoration machine can be the answer to your needs in article promotion. As an internet marketer who has a few articles on article directory sites I always use the same process of submission and submissions. In doing this, I have seen the articles get rejected from the directories many times due to duplicate content. The problem with that is that if you submit just one article it counts as two submissions to the directory, thus the duplicate content issue is ignored.


By using Spangler Content Resoration software you will have the ability to create a unique article for every directory that you submit to. When you first download the software, it will ask you where you would like the original article to be placed. Once you chose a directory to submit the article to, simply enter the article’s title and description into the program. You can then customize the resubmit button for each directory that you choose. If you are not sure of how to customize the button, you can always go back to the dashboard to get assistance.


Once the article has been submitted to the directories, they will take care of re-rating the article based on the original title and description that were entered. This will ensure that your article will appear at the top of the list and will receive more views and more attention than a similar article that was not resubmitted. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can then submit the article to other article directories such as EzineArticles and hubpages. This is an easy process that will ensure your articles are seen and that you receive the traffic and sales that you are trying to get with your articles.

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